IMSA Camel GT, Laguna Seca 85-86

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Auto racing photos by Greg Myhra - In the early to mid '80s I made several treks to Laguna Seca to shoot the exciting IMSA Camel GT series. I have always had an affinity for Seca, and consider it my Home Track. Sure, Sears Point was nearby...but I'd rather spend my time in Monterey within the confines of a challenging, compact track. Not to mention the post-race haul to Cannery Row for beer and smoked Salmon. The bulk of the auto racing photos here are from the May 1985 race, with a handful of 1986 pix mixed in. Looking back, there was something definitely perverse about hanging on the guardrail at (former) Turn 8 and shooting with a wide angle or normal lens. What a blast! I think those days are long gone.

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