70s AHRA & NHRA at Fremont Drag Strip, pg1

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Drag racing photos by Greg Myhra - Ahhh, Fremont Drag Strip in the 1970s. Not only was this ground zero for my passion of drag racing, it's also where my dream of becoming a photographer began. Shooting most every race I attended, I graduated from Polaroid to Instamatic to my first 35mm. Alas, Fremont went the way of so many tracks in California; increased land values were more important to developers than racing. After the track was demolished, developers found that it qualified as a toxic SuperFund site, and couldn't affordably be developed. It has only recently been developed. All traces of its past are erased...physically at least. As you work your way through these drag racing photos, take a minute to realize how many drivers shown here are still actively involved in the sport over 25 years later, either as drivers, owners and crew chiefs.

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