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Links and Resources:

Fine Art

Library of Congress

Wilhelm Imaging Research

Archival testing site

Rock & Roll

Gary's Black Sabbath

Very thorough Sabbath site

Led Zeppelin Forum

Triumph Fan Site

The official web site

Highway To AC/DC

Amazing French AC/DC fan site


Virginia International Raceway


We Did It For Love

The largest drag racing photo & history site on the web.

Famoso Raceway

Home of Bakersfield March Meet.

Laguna Seca

Funky & Cool

James Lileks'

Block out some time for this amazing journey.

Roadside America

Where you can find the funkiest places in the U S of A.

Roadside Peek

Archives of old neon signage and roadside architecture.


The World's Finest Pop Culture Site


Emerge Knife Company

Beautifully designed custom knives

Some of the best prices and selection of memory on the web!

Business directory for Raleigh, NC.

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