Frequently Asked Questions:

When I click on the buttons "About this Series" or "Add to Cart", why doesn't anything happen?

You probably have a Pop-up Blocker installed on your computer. Pop-up Blockers are great for keeping those annoying advertising windows from invading your screen, but they also stop this site's new windows from functioning. Myhra Photography's site relies on new windows to: 1) give you supplimental information without taking you from the page that you're on, and b) take you to your shopping cart when you add an item for purchase. You can temporarily disable your Blocker software while surfing

I'm interested in one of your photos but would like to see a larger sample than shown on the site. Can I do this?

The site's image sizes are small to discourage pirating of images and to allow faster viewing. If you are interested in purchasing a photo and would like to see an image larger than what is on our site, send an email to with that request and we will send you a link.

Is my credit card and personal information secure?

Yes, all information is secure. We use PayPal for all of our online transactions for its security and safety. Myhra Photography never sees or has access to any financial data you submit to PayPal. For more information on this topic, review both How to Buy and Policies.

What does Giclee mean?

Giclee (pronounced: jhee-clay), taken from the French word meaning "to spray". The term was adopted early in the formulation of digital printing because of the super fine droplets that were sprayed from the print heads. Giclee has become an almost generic term for any archival printing involving inkjet printers. One advantage of Giclee is the ability to print a multitude of sizes onto a variety of surfaces - and to do so with amazing precision

What does Piezography or Piezotone mean?

The two terms were coined, and trademarked, by Jon Cone of ConeTech. Simply stated, Piezography and Piezotone are two processes whereby carbon pigment inks are utilized in an inkjet printer. These inksets replace the standard color set of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) with a group of quad black inks - multiple values of grey and one black. By not having to mimic a monochromatic print by using colored inks, Piezography allows more fidelity to true grey tones.

Are any of your prints made in the darkroom?

I only utilize digital printing methods. I truly feel that digital printing offers more control and nuance than traditional silver gelatin printing. Because of the digital process, I can draw from my background in pre-press graphics (which have many similarities) to really fine tune the digitally printed image. And because it is a less labor intensive procedure, we are able to make the final prints more affordable to the general public.

Dude, how do you pronounce your last name?

Similar to "Mirra, Mirra, on the wall". It's Norwegian in origin, although I'm partial to the phonetic ties to the Spanish word which means "to see".