About Greg:

Greg Myhra’s passionate interest in photography began as a teenager growing up in his native San Francisco in the 70s. A chance encounter with a photo journalist at a drag race forged his choice of career. "I had hopped the fence at the end of the track and was shooting pictures with my trusty Instamatic and struck up a conversation with a pro photographer. He let me look through his camera, with its long telephoto lens, and I was instantly hooked. I was about 14, and at that point I knew exactly what I wanted to be. I ended up owning a 35mm camera before I could drive."

A fine art and advertising photographer by vocation, Greg has a natural and instinctive approach to producing both his commercial and personal work. He is a self-taught photographer who opted for a more personalized education in lieu of formal training. Greg worked through his late teens by shooting everything from rock concerts to auto races. To gain production skills, Greg apprenticed at and then managed a pre-press job shop - learning what was required to get his photography to look its best on the printed page. This background gave Greg a draftsman's eye and a keen sense of tone.

Artist Statement:
I once had a designer look through some of my photography and say, "I get it, you shoot guy stuff." That may be the most pure definition of what I gravitate towards. Cactus, old motels, vintage racing cars, decrepit freight cars - just to name some common themes. There is a dichotomy in my work: I am drawn to and marvel at those things that are beautifully rendered and designed...at the same time I worship at the altar of the distressed and weather-beaten. I enjoy catching glimpses. Of details. Of places or events ephemeral in nature. If there is one strand that pulls them together, it's that I want to show people a point of view that they may have otherwise overlooked as being too trivial to contemplate, too mundane or too rundown to acknowledge.

Solo Shows
2006 - Corrosion & Desolation, National Humanites Center, RTP, NC
2006 - Corrosion & Desolation, SfL+a, Fayetteville, NC
2003 - Corrosion & Desolation, Simon Griffiths Gallery, Raleigh, NC
1999 - Railroad Paint, Shuller, Ferris, Johnson & Lindstrom, Fayetteville, NC
1999 - American Southwest, Wicked Smile, Raleigh, NC
1998 - Railroad Paint II, Wicked Smile, Raleigh, NC
1997 - Railroad Paint, Wicked Smile, Raleigh, NC

Group Shows
2007 - Art & Soul, American Tobacco Complex, Durham, NC
2007 - Transportation, Juried Exhibition, Durham Art Guild, Durham, NC
2006 - Fine Arts League of Cary, Juried Exhibition, Michael LeCher Gallery, Cary, NC
2006 - The Science of Matter, Galerie MC, Atlanta, GA
2006 - Art & Soul, American Tobacco Complex, Durham, NC
2006 - Exposure, Invitational, Stiver School of the Arts, Dayton, OH
2006 - Trinity Art Market, Atlanta, GA
2005 - Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Portfolio Walk, Atlanta, GA
2002 - American Society of Media Photographers, Simon Griffiths Gallery, Raleigh, NC
2000 - Picture This, Juried Exhibition, Sister's Garden, Raleigh, NC
1998 - Salon, Contemporary Art Museum, Raleigh, NC

Selected Publications
2003 - Graphis Photo Annual
2003 - Klik Showcase Photography, vol 10
2002 - Workbook: Framed
2002 - Workbook: Stuff
2002 - Klik Showcase Photography, vol 9
2001 - Workbook: Heaven & Hell
2001 - Klik Showcase Photography, volume 8

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