Heavy Transport; Railroads & Trucking

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Fine Art Photography by Greg Myhra - Artistic black and white photography of what amount to commercial transport? I spend a fair amount of time on the road and find myself fascinated by how these machines and their ancillary support juxtapose with the landscape. Sometimes I'm struck by a pattern that they make - say a long line of inter modal freight cutting across the desert. Other times images come from the sheer boredom of driving miles and miles of 2 lane blacktop. The opening image in this gallery is an example of that...just clicking away out the window while trying to capture a long line of big rigs heading in the opposite direction. What is most telling of that triptych is that it is not a motor drive sequence. The Holga toy camera used here has the most simple of controls, so this is serendipity at its core - these are three frames that just happen to line up to tell a story.

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